Door Service


Door servicing

Unfortunately with most things in life a garage door also requires servicing from time to time but don't worry as we can assist!

A Garage Door service can make your old door feel like new, if it's hard to open or doesn't open all the way a service can generally fix the problem. We will always offer a free consultation before carrying out any work and if the door just requires a service that's all we will recommend.


My door is hard to open can this be fixed with a service?

Most of the time we are able to restore a door to be fully functioning without the assistance of any parts and a small service is all it'll require

My lock is getting hard to use can this be serviced?

Locks are a common service part that we repair/replace, usually locks are inexpensive and can quickly be changed to keep them working as intended

My door only opens half way do I need a new door?

Most doors are operated by springs which overtime lose there tension, with a simple service we can get the door fully operational